Down To Earth Discipleship    .    Getting real with issues facing young Christians today
About the Authors
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The Authors:

The book draws heavily on the views and insights of those in the front line of Christian living as active and involved young adults with pastoral involvements. Several people were involved collaboratively through much of the manuscript development, all of the younger ones being in the same age group as the intended readers, and (then) unmarried. All are now married, which we hope suggests some grounding in reality for chapter 3! The main two are listed here by way of acknowledgment.

Ian Hore-Lacy is married to Libby, with four adult progeny (2 sons, 2 daughters) and grandchildren. He is engaged in some informal pastoral ministry and mentoring in Australia (and recently in UK) out of which the main subject matter of this book arose (apart from his earlier bachelor experience of getting many things wrong!) He has been a youth worker and intervarsity staffworker, then teacher and environmental scientist and ended up working in the nuclear power industry based in London. His most recent Christian book is Responsible Dominion, a Christian approach to sustainable development (Regent College Publishing, 2nd edition 2015).

Will Jones is his late 30s, married to Becky and father of two. He has been involved with church and university campus ministry in UK. His honours degree in mathematics led to a PhD in philosophy and politics at Reading University in 2013, with a theology diploma from Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and an MA in ethics and political theory. His recent work has focused on the relationship between conceptions of religion, liberalism and natural law in Western society, and his Grove book Evangelical Social Theology was published in 2017. He works with the Diocese of Coventry. His blog on social issues is Becky is vicar of Leamington.

Early in 2005 Will bravely asked Ian to mentor him in relation to development of his gifts and vocational interests. This grew into a close friendship and collaborative relationship expressed in the evolution of this book.

However, many others contributed a lot of substantial and solidly Christian input to the book over many discussions and in later drafting.